Wildfires : colliguay

Chilean CB radio scene

Chile is a long country on the far en of south america our neigbors are Peru and Bolivia at our north , Argentina at the East and the Antartica at the south , my country is identified as 32 division on the CB and for the hams Our preffix is CE , CA ,CD , Being XQ the highest category with less than 300 hams on the country with that license , CB requires license , and the maximium LEGAL power level are 12 watts SSB and 4 watts on AM , but who cares , you can buy an A 100 watt AMP for just 35000 pesos its like 80 USD , CB is used here by Truckers , Fishers , and even on some small towns as primary comunication way by the firebrigades and munipalities , Some Navy litoral (something like USCG) units also use CB to talk with the fisheries , taxi cabs and Propane selling trucks are also on cb , here SSB is the Rule 98 % percent of the traffic is on SSB , Truckers use the CH30 USB , Most of locals Are QAP on CH29 USB , DX freqs are 27.455 USB , 27.555 USB . We have even a REACT Style Net on at 8 pm everyday at CH9 USB its called Red nacional de proteccion civil (National civil protection net) control stations are required to have big stations with HF and VHF capabilities to handle emergency traffic to other agencies like Onemi (like US FEMA) , we hear the superbowl loud on CH6 AM all day long with S9 signals , most of cbers use export radios and HF transceivers , a big station here consist of a ham rig conected to a 5/8 wave vertical , antron a99 are starting to apear and also RM italy , Most of the serious CBers are also hams here , freebanding is popular also , the national Pirate calling freq on 40 meters is 6993khz , there are many cbers using Transverters to operate on that freqs , you can get an italian board for 40000 pesos around 90 usd to talk on 40 meters , 20 is also popular especially 14760khz , most of the traffic is trucker stuff , many Escuderias (Truck companies) are installing HF transceiver on the trucks , ive seen Kenwood TS120 TRC 70 , Icoms 718 ,IC7000 and 706 on trucks , yaesus FT 80C , 897D and also 857 .

Vintage Radio

Who remembers The CB radio craze , i was a kid but i lived the end of that era , the 90's , Cellphones were expensive, my oldest brother had a CB radio on his truck , i have one on my house , he was in the south , i still remember mi first contact with CB radio , i grew listening to marine Vhf radios, by the time i was 7 i wanted to talk but i wasnt able to do that on VHF , so my father gave me a CB radio , it was a realistic AM , it had 40 channels , shortly after that i found some locals that talked on the Channel 13 , it was Marcelo Kolibri and Cesar Razek, Marcelo had a Alan 87 cb with SSB , and Cesar a Uniden PC244 , they talked about Metal , they still have a band Called Ophanims , Marcelo influenced my music tastes a lot , i was 9 and i was starting lo listen Ozzy and Iron maiden , some nights in summer we used to comment the Viña del mar music festival , it was funny to hear the comments about artists on the radio , by the time i was 11 years old i was building my first quality made dipoles that were hung from a tree to the house , my father bought my in a trip to the north a Cobra 19DXII a nice and small radio, i met Don Luis Anacleto el Alacalufe , whom is still on CB , he knew a lot about electronics and antennas i still remember when i taked notes about everything that he tought me , by when i was 11 i was on 6th grade , i had a lot of contacts with stations from Peru and Brasil , some of my classmates couldnt believe it , so a day when they came to my house i showed them my radio room , that contained a Sony shortwave conected to a long wire , a President CB handheld that Marcelo sold me , the cobra CB and the realistic CB , a handheld radioshack scanner , A marine band VHF a power supply , a car battery , and a couple of car bulbs , those were nice times , i remember making skip contacts on AM on the morning before going to school , by the time i was 13 as propagation faded my interest in radio was halted a bit , i started dating , i got a girlfriend and i was short of time , by the time i was 14 i received a call from marcelo , he was again on radio , but he was on FRS radio , i picked the radioshack catalog and i ordered two 15 miles units with a charger and a base scanner , my brother brought them to Chile , the day they arrived , the first thing i made was to modify the FRS radio , i pick my soldering iron and i carrefully removed the original antenna in place of the antenna i put a BNC conector connected to a UHF groundplane antenna on the roof ,so i kept talking with marcelo on UHF , we even mounted a simplex repeater on UHF , it lasted a couple of months working, by that time i started to listen the local repeater 147.300 , i listened a ham that was called Eduardo XQ2BNZ , he was retired , most of his conversation were about technical subjects , then a day i listened that radioclub valparaiso was holding an event called pasando y pasando , i went i personally meet XQ2BNZ, we talked about radio , and he ended convincing me to take the test and became a ham , i did it i got my first license CD2895 by that time i had a group of fellow pirate friends the i managed to convice them to became hams , so we take the test together , and aproved it , i dont remember how exactly we started to talk on 146.120 on the nights , the original group of pirates was now talking and acting like hams ! , i mean techniclly inclined pirates , when we were pirates we were building directional antennas and making point to point FRS links , so we installed a new antenna on the house a Ringo antenna with 6db on VHF , i was able to talk around 50 miles around my house , then Don Eduardo convinced me that True hams are on HF bands , so i started to save to get a HF rig , i choose a TS-50 radio , small enough to fit in a briefcase , but sturdy , i bought it from CE3PPE , who brought it from santiago specially , we calibrated the SWR of my 40 meter dipole ,and i started to make contacts , the rest is history .............

Homebrew HT antennas

Did the dog chew your HT antenna ? was stolen by space aliens? or you simply lost it ? , well this will make you feel a bit of relief concerning that , i finally designed an portable radio antenna that works and it wont blow your finals, works on UHF and VHF , and the design is very versatile , there are no hard to find pieces , i can bet you that you have 95% of the required materials on your junkbox ,
you will need :
Cianocrilate glue aka Loctite
-1 BNC conector
-a piece of 20 cm of enameled wire awg 15 will do the job or small electric conection cable ,doorbell wire

-a 5 cm long tube of 8 to 9 mm diameter
-heath shrink tube

-25 cm of RG 58 coax

- small drill or dremel like tool
- soldering iron , solder , cutters , etc

Here are the plans

The SWR graphs

sheffield pocket knife review

I bought a month ago a sheffield foldable pocket knife , this isnt a spring assisted knife , but cames with a dot lock , safe enough for everyday carry , steel is fairly hard , cames in black color , with a cammo plastic handle , i havent found any problems , i just learned how to flick it using my thumb finger as aid for the unlocking mechanism.