Repairing a knob broken shaft .

Well , my moms Ford ranger Headlight knob broke last night , so i repaired it , here is how it was done , this is method can also be used on other knobs that have broken .

Description .

Part two the machining

Raytheon Ray 90 private freq programation

The Raytheon Ray 90 is a marine vhf radio , probably manufactured by JRC for Raytheon , has all the tipical features of shipboard marine radios , hailer and all that stuff , but has an cool feature ,the so called private frequencies , private frequencies are 10 channels that you can program between 154 to 164 mhz , those memories are accesed putting the radio in international channel mode , thats pressing the (I/U) , an then pressing the (P/W) key ,then one of the numbers of the keyboard , but supossing that the radio is new or hasnt been used in a long time , you must program it . How to do that , open the radio , and locate a small switch behind the front pannel , the swicht is above an EPROM , and is marked "PRIVATE" , with the radio powered on push the "PRIVATE" button , and without releasing it , press at the same time the (M) button , without releasing it , enter the desired frequency 155.000 , in this format , 55.0000 , then release the (M) button and press the (P/W) button , then press the desired number on the numeric pad , all this with the "PRIVATE" button pressed , release the "PRIVATE" button , and you should see the channel like this , FFF 01 on the screen . now you are done ! , all this info was found using the test and error methodology , it took me and hour to figure how to program the radio , based only on what keys sounded when i was holding the private button !

Estamos bien en la morgue los 83

Naval air exibhition : Valparaiso

El cheapo 9:1 balun

As you should know , im still in college , in a simple equation that means , -less money - fun + lots of study= quick and dirty solutions , today i had some spare time so i decided that i was able to build a 9:1 magnetic balun for a small random wire , that way i can hang it anywhere , so with lack of time money or toroids , i found the a dirt cheap source , yeah , Power supply toroids , computer power supplies have lots of toroids , and the only things needed for removing them are a pair of pliers and a screwdriver , here in valparaiso (a university driven city ) is common to find them in the dumpsters behind IT faculties , or labs , so i had two of them on hand i managed to recover two toroid with minimium effort , i got two toroids of abt 1 inch wide , green blue ones , i didnt have the correct permeability coef expressed as you should know in teslas , so i started to experiment , picked one and winded 20 turns for the secondary , and 10 for the primary , armed with a piece of wire to act as antenna , and a crappy monimatch style SWR meter and offcourse an HF rig , also my mothers patience for not being able to watch tv (anyway thanks mom for not bitching me for ruining the news hour )! , i started to try to find the impedance , how , well i know two thing , in order to get a measurement from my crappy SWR meter i have to find a point where the impedance is between 35 ohms and 60 ohms otherwise it will be infinite , finding that point with the primary , i proceeded to trim the secondary , and the best match was , Secondary 14 turns of doorbell wire , and the primary was composed of 2,5 turns of doorbell wire , offcourse performance is poor and it will only used with QRP power levels

Thats what i call CAT control