The purely teorical Tuner worked

The test Rig

40 meter band upper portion

20 meter band
30 meter band
I built today a test version of the tuner over a pine board , and it worked , not so wonderful but works im thinking in modifying it .
The shunt feed system works well , but on 40 meter i cant reach a 1:1 SWR , and on 10 meters my lowest SWR is infinite , the band that worked better was 30 meters with a 1,2:1 SWR .

A purely teorical multiband Antenna Whip

I borrowed this design from AA3SJ , tomorrow i will make some tests with this design, its basically a shunt feed whip , with capacitive coupling , i will use an ELECNA Multitap inductor and some air variable caps , and i will use a 3 meter long PVC pipe as whip .