The new Hacker Manifesto

El nuevo manifiesto hacker . documento con el cual me siento tremendamente identificado dada mi forma de vida hacker tal vez no de computadoras .en casi todo lo que dice me llega directo al corazon , delirios de un hacker de la vieja escuela........
Recuerden Mi unico crimen es mi curiosidad , fui juzgado por uds , expulsado de su sociedad . pero no importa , tengo mi propia realidad , mas real que la tuya . .....
Mi unica arma es mi conocimiento de tus debilidades , y como dicen algunos no hay un parche para la estupidez humana . (solo pensaminetos que repito todo el dia al ver el colapso de la gente a mi alrededor.)

I. Hacker

1. We are those, the Different. Technological rats, swimming in the ocean of information.

2. We are the retiring, little kid at school, sitting at the last desk, in the corner of the class room.

3. We are the teenager everybody considers strange

4. We are the student hacking computer systems, exploring the depth of his reach.

5. We are the grown-up in the park, sitting on a bench, laptop on his knees, programming the last virtual reality.

6. Ours is the garage, stuffed with electronics. The soldering iron in the corner of the desk and the nearby disassembled radio- they are also ours. Ours is the cellar with computers, buzzing printers and beeping modems.

7. We are those that see reality in a different way. Our point of view shows more than ordinary people can see. They see only what is outside, but we see what is inside. That’s what we are - realists with the glasses of dreamers.

8. We are those strange people, almost unknown to the neighborhood. People, indulged in their own thoughts, sitting day after day before the computer, ransacking the net for something. We are not often out of home, just from time to time, only to go to the nearby radio shack, or to the usual bar to meet some of the few friends we have, or to meet a client, or to the backstreet druggist… or just for a little walk.

9. We do not have many friends, only a few with whom we go to parties. Everybody else we know we know on the net. Our real friends are there, on the other side of the line. We know them from our favorite IRC channel, from the News-Groups, from the systems we hang-around:

10. We are those who don’t give a shit about what people think about us, we don’t care what we look like or what people talk about us in our absence.

11. The majority of us likes to live in hiding, being unknown to everybody except those few we must inevitably contact with.

12. Others love publicity, they love fame. They are all known in the underground world. Their names are often heard there. But we are all united by one thing - we are Hackers.

13. Society does not understand us, we are “weird” and “crazy” people in the eyes of the ordinary people who live far from information and free ideas. Society denies our way of thinking - a society, living, thinking and breathing in one and only one way - a clichc.

14. They deny us for we think like free people, and free thinking is forbidden.

15. The Hacker has outer appearance, he is no motion. Hackers are people, starting from the ordinary and known to nobody person, to the artist-technomaniac, to the musician, playing electronic music, to the superficial scholar.

16. The Hacker is no literature genre anymore, not even an ordinary subculture. The Hacker is a stand-alone new culture, offspring of the new age. A culture that unites our common interests and views. We are a unit. We are Hackers.

II. Society

1. The Society which surrounds us is clogged with concervacy pulling everything and everybody to itself, while it sinks slowly in the quicksands of time.

2. However doggedly some refuse to believe it, it is obvious that we live in a sick society. The so called reforms which our governments so adeptly use to boast, are nothing else but a little step forward, when a whole jump can be done.

3. People fear the new and unknown. They prefer the old, the known and checked truths. They are afraid of what the new can bring to them. They are afraid that they can lose what they have.

4. Their fear is so strong that it has proclaimed the revolutional a foe and a the free idea - its weapon. That’s their fault.

5. People must leave this fear behind and go ahead. What’s the sense to stick to the little you have now when you can have more tomorrow. Everything they must do is stretch their hands and feel for the new; give freedom to thoughts, ideas, to words:

6. For centuries each generation has been brought up is a same pattern. Ideals is what everybody follows. Individuality is forgotten. People think in a same way, following the clichc drilled in them in childhood, the clichc-education for all children: And, when someone dares defy authority, he is punished and given as a bad example. “Here is what happens to you when you express your own opinion and deny your teacher’s one”.

7. Our society is sick and need to be healed. The cure is a change in the system…

III. The System

1. The System. Centuries-old, existing on principles that hang no more today. A System that has not changed much since the day of its birth.

2. The System is wrong.

3. The System must impose its truth upon us so that it can rule. The government needs us follow it blindly. For this reason we live in an informational eclipse. When people acquire information other that that from the government, they cannot distinguish the right from the wrong. So the lie becomes a truth - a truth, fundamental to everything else. Thus the leaders control with lies and the ordinary people have no notion of what is true and follow the government blindly, trusting it.

4.We fight for freedom of information. We fight for freedom of speech and press. For the freedom to express our thoughts freely, without being persecuted by the system.

5.Even in the most-developed and ‘democratic’ countries, the system imposes misinformation. Even in the countries that pretend to be the cradle of free speech. Misinformation is one of the system’s main weapon. A weapon, they use very well.

6.It is the Net that helps us spread the information freely. The Net, with no boundaries and information limit

7.Ours is yours, yours is ours.

8.Everyone can share information, no restrictions.

9.Encrypting of informattion is our weapon. Thus the words of revolution can spread uninterrupted, and the government can only guess.

10.The Net is our realm, in the Net we are Kings.

11.Laws. The world is changing, but the laws remain the same. The System is not changing, only a few details get redressed for the new time, but everything in the concept remains the same.

12.We need new laws. Laws, fitting the times we live in, with the world that surrounds us. Not laws build on the basis of the past. Laws, build for today, laws, that will fit tomorrow.

13.The laws that only refrain us. Laws that badly need revision.

IV. The vision

1.Some people do not care much about what happens globally. They care about what happens around them, in their micro-universe.

2.These people can only see a dark future, for they can only see the life they live now.

3.Others show some concern about the global affairs. They are interested in everything,in the future in perspective, in what is going to happen globally.

4.They have a more optimistic view. To them the future is cleaner and more beautiful, for they can see into it and they see a more mature man, a wiser world.

5.We are in the middle. We are interested in what happens now, but what in what’s gonna happen tomorow as well.

6.We look in the net, and the net is growing wide and wider.

7.Soon everything in this world will be swallowed by the net: from the military systems to the PC at home.

8.But the net is a house of anarchy.

9.It cannot be controlled and in this is its power.

10.Every man will be dependent on the net.

11.The whole information will be there, locked in the abysses of zeros and ones.

12.Who controls the net, controls the information.

13.We will live in a mixture of past and present.

14.The bad come from the man, and the good comes from technology.

15.The net will control the little man, and we will control the net.

16.For is you do not control, you will be controlled.

17.The Information is POWER!

V. Where are we?

1.Where are we?

2.We all live in a sick world, where hatred is a weapon, and freedom - a dream.

3.The world grows so slowly. It is hard for a Hacker to live in an underdeveloped world, looking the people around him, seeing how wrongly they develop.

4.We go ahead, they pull us back again. Society suppressses us. Yes, it suppresses the freedom of thought. With its cruel education programs in schools and universities. They drill in the children their view of things and every attempt to express a different opinion is denied and punished.

5.Our kids grow educated in this old and still unchanged system. A system that tolerates no freedom of thought and demands a strict obeyance to the reules…

6.In what a worlds, how different from this, could we live now, if people were making jumps and not creeps.

7.It is so hard to live in this world, Hacker.

8.It is as if time has stopped.

9.We live on the right spot, but not in the right time.

10.Everything is so ordinary, people are all the same, their deeds toos. As if society feels an urgent need to live back in time.

11.Some, trying to find their own world, the world of a Hackers, and finding it, build their own world. Build in their thoughts, it changes reality, lays over it and thus they live in a virtual world. The thought-up, build upon reality:

12.Others simply get accustomed to the world as it is. They continue to live in it, although they dislike it. They have no other choice but the bare hope that the world will go out of its hollow and will go ahead.

13.What we are trying to do is change the situation. We are trying to adjust the present world to our needs and views. To use maximally what is fit and to ignore the trash. Where we can’t, we just live in this world, like Hackers, no matter how hard, when society fights us we fight back.

14.We build our worlds in Cyberspace.

15.Among the zeros and ones, among the bits of information.

16.We build our community. The community of Hackers.

Unite!Fight for your rights!

We are the ELECTRONIC MINDS, a group of free-minded rebels. Hackers.

We live in Cyberspace, we are everywhere, we know no boundaries.

This is our manifest. The Hackers’ Manifest.


boletin UHF CB Aka FRS

Esto se lo prometi anoche a unos colegas del canal 5 subtono XX
algunas reglas de sentido comun ,no como las del "rayado de cancha" (indirecta para mis colegas de VHF , solo una broma)
1.Siempre uno debera tener una actitud respuetuosa hacia los demas colegas (siempre que se lo merezcan pero evitar el uso de garabatos , son facilmente equiparables con el sarcasmo y la ironia que duelen mas), en la radio no hay diferencias ,todos somos iguales .

2.- Se debera ser cortes (ojo sin ponerse graves) con los colegas ,especialmente con las damas , dar las gracias ejemplo , el tipico se agradece su gestion , gracias por el QSO (comunicado) , el buenos dias /buenas noches son siempre algo agradable.

3. Dar prioridad a los mensajes dcada e emergencia , urgencia , e informaciones

4. Despues de que uno de los corresponsales termine de hablar dejar unos segundos por si algun colega desea entrar , usando la frase permiso , a muchos se nos olvida me incluyo.

5. Cada 5 o 10 minutos dar los nombres de las estaciones para que asi la gente
que escucha y desee hacerse presente sepa con quienes habla.

6. Evitar el uso de subcanales ya que en estos no aprovechamos al 100 porciento nuestras radios . si alguien comienza a molestar retirarse hacia otro canal con un subtono previamenete acordado . evitar decir en que subtono uno se encuentra sino el QRM intencional ira hacia ese canal

7. El enemigo siempre escucha como dicen los militares durante los año en los que he poseido equipos de recepcion y transmision he escuchado casi todo lo que usted pueda imaginarse , por lo cual los malulos tambien tienen radios , use el sentido comun , cuando hable con extraños no de direcciones exactas , si va a juntarse con un colega hagalo en un lugar donde exista concurrencia de personas nunca en la casa o el laboral , eivte dar mucha informacion personal relevante , como la compañia donde trabaja , su telefono , etc

8. Evite usar un tono agresivo en sus comunicados , evite los nicks agresivos , y el excesivo doble sentido (tampoco sea wn grave vomo dicen por ahi la gente muy cuadrada cae mal )

9. La Señorita del canal dos, es una Señorita , dirigase amablemente hacia ella , puede ser muy simpatica y buena onda , pero usted debera ser ubicado , y cortes , solo siga las leyes de ese canal . ella es mas antigua que usted (un saludo para ella muy grande de la Amapola (mi madre) y del alfa charlie.

10.Recuerde antiguedad constituye grado .

y como dice 2WQB un beso (ajajajaa)

gracias por su atencion estacion Alfa charlie Aka CD2895

acontinuacion algunos codigos de utilidad prometidos anteriormente

nota: cuando llame a una estacion digalo asi EJ : atento/a estacion _estacion_a _la que_llama_ DE _su_estacion_ , repita esta frase tres veces con intervalos de 15 segundos .
EJ:atenta amapola de alfa charlie 15 segundos atenta amapola de alfa charlie 15 segundo atenta amapola de alfa charlie , asi la estacion puede hacerse presente en esos 15 segundos y empezar el comunicado .

QSO : el comunicado

¿Cómo se llama su estacion ? Mi estacion se llama __________
¿A qué distancia aproximada está de mi estación? La distancia aproximada entre nuestras estaciones es de ________________
QSL ¿Puede acusarme recibo? Le acuso recibo. decir QSL

¿Cuál es su situación en latitud y longitud (o según cualquier otra indicación). Mi situación es … latitud, …longitud (o cualquier otra indicación).
en el uso civil puede ser alguna referencia terrestre a la cuadra de________ o
en la calle ____________

¿Tengo que repetir la llamada en la frecuencia de llamada? Repita la llamada en la frecuencia de llamada; no le oí (o hay interferencia).
QSS ¿Qué frecuencia/canal de trabajo utilizará usted? Utilizaré la frecuencia/canal de trabajo _________
QRT ¿Debo cesar de transmitir? Cese de transmitir. tambie ceso de transmitir

¿Puede permanecer en escucha con la estación
Mantengo en escucha. tambien puede ser mantengo QAP canal ej 19 sub 35 .
¿Tiene interferencia mi transmision /canal ? La interferencia de su transmisión es:
  • 1 Nula
  • 2 Ligera
  • 3 Moderada
  • 4 Considerable
  • 5 Extremada

A Alfa .- N November -.
B Bravo -... O Oscar (óskar) ---
C Charlie (charli) -.-. P Papa .--
D Delta -.. Q Quebec (kebek) --.-
E Echo (eco) . R Romeo (roumío) .-.
F Foxtrot ..-. S Sierra ...
G Golf --. T Tango -
H Hotel (jóutel) .... U Uniform (iúniform) ..-
I India .. V Victor (víctor) ...-
J Juliet (yuliet) .--- W Whisky (uísqui) .--
K Kilo -.- X X-Ray (eks-rey) -..-
L Lima .-.. Y Yankee (ianki) -.--
M Mike (maik) -- Z Zulu (sulu) --.
0 Zero (sirou) ----- 1 One (uan) .----
2 Two (tu) ..--- 3 Three (zri) ...--
4 Four (for) ....- 5 Five (faif) .....
6 Six -.... 7
Seven --...
8 Eight (eit) ---.. 9 Nine (nain) ----.


photo taken from my roof's house
incendios forestales en mi region , ya van 4 dias y contanfdo con fuego , casa destruidas , un aire irrespirable , ancianos con hipertermia , y conplicaciones respiratorias , familias evacuadas de sus hogares , tododo por culpa de un/os malnacidos , que destruyen la naturalez ,un panorama apocaliptico .

Satcom RX setup