Reporte terromoto / Earthquake report

In the morning of saturday 27 of february Chile was struck by a 8.8 earthquake, We were sleeping on the station , imediatly we were woken up by the heavy shaking , after making sure that we were able to operate we swithced on the generator and we started calling on HF radio , No comms with the Arauco zone , after some hours we were able to contact some rural stations near concepcion , news werent good , CD4190 took the control of the station , while CA2VMP started our own parallel net on VHF and CB , we have been busy keeping all the requests from citizens that needed comms with their families , we have power and comms , ATTENTION PLACERES RESIDENTS , ALFA CHARLIE RADIO STATION HAS SET UP AN INTERNET ACCESS POINT FOR YOU CHECK IT , We are currently operating on 40 meters , 7095khz and 3738khz the station is well and receiving traffic , ATTENTION FOR CONSTITUCION , A GROUP OF HAMS HAD REACHED THE TOWN , TAKE CONTACT WITH THEM , There informations of lootings in the south of chile in concepcion , also santiago , BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS .

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