Quansheng Surecom TG-UV dual band radio review

I bought about two months ago a Quansheng Dual band radio , it features all the bells and whistles of a more expensive radios , but no DTMF (Do you really use DTMF Everyday ?) and for 130 USD with all the accesories plus an extra battery , Quality is respectab
le , soldering at component level is aceptable , Yes i opened the radio, couldnt wait more than a week without trying to open it , well as usually i bought the external microphone, and Radiogearpro the vendor sent me as gift a covert earpiece , the radio is thought , uses a SMA-F Conector ,so i ordered the adaptor to bnc , to be able to hook the radio to my external antennas , has a fool mode , that converts the radio into comercial mode , replacing the freq display in memory mode to a Channel mode, just like the old FT.23r from yaesu , reception is superb for the price , the receiver kicks in the butt my icom ic-t7e handheld , both in uhf and VHF , things i miss Airband ,and more wideband reception , but for a $100 USD radio , FM Broadcasting reception is crappy , Thats what happens when you try to listen FM WIDE on a narrow filter , for the price is an aceptable radio , i programmed the local repeaters , FRS/GMRS radios , and Finally i got a radio that was able to do 6,25KHZ steps for PMR446 standard ,now i can also talk on PMR 446 . also marine band channels were programmed including the CH16 for emergencies

Why the hell is tinky twinky is stalking my radio !

It Would not take to long befor our goverment will start to put Warning on French fries About the possibility of having a hearth attack , or making hookers to wear Tshirt that say "You can get more than a good time from this hooker "

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