Homebrew HT antennas

Did the dog chew your HT antenna ? was stolen by space aliens? or you simply lost it ? , well this will make you feel a bit of relief concerning that , i finally designed an portable radio antenna that works and it wont blow your finals, works on UHF and VHF , and the design is very versatile , there are no hard to find pieces , i can bet you that you have 95% of the required materials on your junkbox ,
you will need :
Cianocrilate glue aka Loctite
-1 BNC conector
-a piece of 20 cm of enameled wire awg 15 will do the job or small electric conection cable ,doorbell wire

-a 5 cm long tube of 8 to 9 mm diameter
-heath shrink tube

-25 cm of RG 58 coax

- small drill or dremel like tool
- soldering iron , solder , cutters , etc

Here are the plans

The SWR graphs

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