Chilean CB radio scene

Chile is a long country on the far en of south america our neigbors are Peru and Bolivia at our north , Argentina at the East and the Antartica at the south , my country is identified as 32 division on the CB and for the hams Our preffix is CE , CA ,CD , Being XQ the highest category with less than 300 hams on the country with that license , CB requires license , and the maximium LEGAL power level are 12 watts SSB and 4 watts on AM , but who cares , you can buy an A 100 watt AMP for just 35000 pesos its like 80 USD , CB is used here by Truckers , Fishers , and even on some small towns as primary comunication way by the firebrigades and munipalities , Some Navy litoral (something like USCG) units also use CB to talk with the fisheries , taxi cabs and Propane selling trucks are also on cb , here SSB is the Rule 98 % percent of the traffic is on SSB , Truckers use the CH30 USB , Most of locals Are QAP on CH29 USB , DX freqs are 27.455 USB , 27.555 USB . We have even a REACT Style Net on at 8 pm everyday at CH9 USB its called Red nacional de proteccion civil (National civil protection net) control stations are required to have big stations with HF and VHF capabilities to handle emergency traffic to other agencies like Onemi (like US FEMA) , we hear the superbowl loud on CH6 AM all day long with S9 signals , most of cbers use export radios and HF transceivers , a big station here consist of a ham rig conected to a 5/8 wave vertical , antron a99 are starting to apear and also RM italy , Most of the serious CBers are also hams here , freebanding is popular also , the national Pirate calling freq on 40 meters is 6993khz , there are many cbers using Transverters to operate on that freqs , you can get an italian board for 40000 pesos around 90 usd to talk on 40 meters , 20 is also popular especially 14760khz , most of the traffic is trucker stuff , many Escuderias (Truck companies) are installing HF transceiver on the trucks , ive seen Kenwood TS120 TRC 70 , Icoms 718 ,IC7000 and 706 on trucks , yaesus FT 80C , 897D and also 857 .

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Muy buen artículo, la freq. de los 6993kHz es a mi parecer una de las más interesantes. 73!