mistery antenna

i got this mistery antenna from a fellow ham . he gave me this antenna , the last 20 years has been in his backyard , is definitly a non ham model , it was installed on a building in usa i dont know for wha was does anyone knows what the hell is.
is a non log periodic antenna , is feed like a normal yagui with a gamma match .
the dog on the bottom is one of my pets his name is Lucifer (means planet Venus not the devil or something like that)

Quarter Wave antenna

esta es una antenna cuarto de onda 49 Cm de alto Resuena como 4 de onda en Vhf y como 3 cuartos en Uhf .

Reverse engieenering a 6 mile Frs/gmrs combo

Wideband Preamplifier

This is my new Wideband Preamplifier 100 to 500 Mhz (made from a surplus TV Cable Amplifier), Works Decent on Satcom

The scanner on the side is tunned to 258.550 a common
Satcom pirate frequency .